P for..Poppy,
panda, parade, photo, potato, phenomenon, psycho, power, panic, parody, paraphrase, potential, peace, pepper, people, pillow, pain in the neck, page turn, pandora's box, playing possum, practise makes perfect, put a shock in it.


&Walsh, NY
Eiger, NY
Underlining, CA
Precious Brands, LDN
Benitago, LDN
Studio Private,LDN
Hyper tria, SKG
Faze Design, ATH
Caparo Design Crew, ATH
AG Design, ATH
iframe Communication Design, PVK
Specter Design Group, ATH
Loonatiks Design Crew, ATH
Padu Design Studio, ATH
K2 Design, ATH
Spoondesign, ATH
Antonia Skaraki Design, ATH
Sofia Papadopoulou, SKG
Semiotik Design Agendy, ATH
Bob Studio, ATH


Detailed Visuals /
3D Modeling /
Animation /
Motion Graphics /



This is Poppy Studio and consists of the creative core of an experienced
CGI / Motion artist and an amount of external partners.

We offer an excellent visualization result, listening to the needs
and pulse of the market, respecting the identity and authenticity of your studio and ready to take you one step further by improving your image and your impact.

We are constantly training and informing about the tools, trends and tactics that will offer you a next level creative image and will make your aesthetics stand out.


  Currently working most of the projects in collaboration with creative studios
around the world. Previously worked as an in-house studio member
for various greek agencies. Projects made as studio part. 


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3D Modeling,CGI,
Visual Art, Animation